When You Leave Me Now

by Thomas Gunther

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I wrote this song to tell the story that happened to a friend of mine who's long time girlfriend left him for an other guy rather unexpectedly. Here is how it went down:
After close to 20 happy years together, he heard talk that she wanted to leave him for an other. Of course he was the last person to learn about it. This is one of the worst thing one can experience. He was devastated, sad but also angry. He told me, "When she leaves me now, she will never get me back". So goes the title of the song.
I wrote the song 8 years ago short after they broke up. 6 years ago I finally arranged it for big band and strings, and recorded the instruments all by myself using Logic Pro plug-ins.
During that time it just happened that I had a few gigs in Chicago with the very talented Les Getrex, a Blues singer/guitarist from New Orleans. I hired him to sing the song. Unfortunately I had only an SM 57 stage Mic that day to record his vocals. He learned the song on the fly and recorded it within 30 minutes. In June 2017 I finally mixed the song and published it on YouTube. I plan on making an other video explaining how I composed, arranged, recorded and mixed the song. The entire production cost me only 100 Dollars which I had to pay the singer, who gave me a discount of course.
Blues is all about emotions, most of the time, they are sad. I hope you enjoy it anyway!


Is it true what I heard about you,
That you're longing to live
with somebody new
That you already locked your heart away,
to make sure I can't make you stay.�

It's so hard to accept
they were right
Telling me
there's nothing
I could do to change your mind
That you're already in love
with someone new
And all the rumors I heard
they’re true!

If it’s so
I'll sing this blues for you
It's the last thing
that I’ll ever do for you,
'cause when you leave me now
you will never get me back Babe!
So you better be sure
It’s the right thing to do!!

So if it’s so
I'll sing this blues for you
The last thing
I’ll ever do for you,
'cause when you leave me now
you will never get me back Babe!
So you better be damned sure
he's the right guy for you!

And as time go bye
you realize
that the love we shared
is the best love you'll ever have
And you might wish you could
turn back that clock
And start all over again from the top.


released June 26, 2017
Written, Arranged, Recorded and Mixed by Thomas Gunther.
Vocals by Les Getrex.



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Thomas Gunther Productions Chicago, Illinois

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