Bald Ist Es Endlich Wieder Weihnachten

by Thomas Gunther Productions

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This is an original Christmas song I wrote. I was inspired by my piano students at the German International School Chicago ( Their lighthearted spirit reminded me of what it feels like to be a kid on Christmas. The title "Bald is es endlich wieder Weihnachten" (Soon It Will Finally Be Christmas Again" says it all. This is the first song I wrote in German. It was really fun to write in my native language, and since the school is multi lingual with German being spoken in most classes, it was the perfect opportunity. The kids that sing on this track have never done a record before. They were amazing, to say the least. And they certainly have proven themselves to look great on camera too. I was also fortunate to have one of the schools faculty members, Nelia Janik, singing lead. She is an incredibly talented performer and artist. Hopefully this song brings joy to all those that celebrate Christmas, with lots of love and presents on the tree. Und besondere Grüsse an all meine Freunde und Bekannte in Deutschland. Ich werde an euch denken!


(You find the English Translation after the German Lyrics)
Bald ist es endlich wieder Weihnachten.
Wir freuen uns schon alle wie verrückt.
Die Kinder schreien “hurra, bald ist es Christmas Time!”,
und schreiben schon die Wunschliste für das nächste Jahr.

Bald ist die Welt wieder in weiß gehüllt.
Die Kinder holen ihren Schlitten 'raus.
Die Grossmama backt Brötchen,
uns Opa kauft 'nen Baum.
Die Eltern schauen sich in die Augen,
es ist wie im Traum!

Ja Weinachten ist nah,
holla di ja da.
Weinachten ist bald wieder da!
Weinachten ist nah,
holla di ja da.
Weinachten ist bald wieder da!

Bald kommt der Weihnachtsmann zu uns ins Haus,
und schleppt mit sich ‘nen riesengroßen Sack.
Darin sind tolle Sachen, ganz wunderschön verpackt,
Er legt sie untern Weihnachtsbaum und fliegt fort in die Nacht.

Ja Weinachten ist nah,…

Hallo lieber Weihnachtsmann,
Ich freu' mich so sehr auf Dich!
Das ganze Jahr war ich so brave,
ich hoffe Du bist stolz auf mich!

In der Schule hab' ich aufgepaßt,
meine Hausaufgaben immer gemacht.
Und war ganz lieb zu meinen Eltern tern,
den hab' ich viel Freude gebracht.

Hallo lieber Weihnachtsmann,
wir freuen uns so auf Dich!
Wir können nicht mehr schlaffen,
wir vermissen Dich!
Warum kommst Du nicht jetzt schon?
Du darfst gern bei uns wohnen.
Dann wär es immer Weihnachten,
das würde sich echt lohnen!

Ja Weinachten ist nah,…
Soon It Will Finally Be Christmas Again.
We are looking forward to it like crazy.
The kids are shouting “Hurra, Soon it is Christmas Time”,
and are already writing their Christmas list to Santa for the following year.

Soon the world is covered in white again,
the children are pulling out their sleigh.
Grandma is baking Christmas cookies,
and grandpa buys the tree.
The parents look into each other's eyes,
it's just like a dream.

Yeah Christmas time is near,
holla di ja da,
Christmas time will be here real soon.
Christmas time is near,
holla di ja da,
Christmas time will be here real soon.

Soon Santa is coming to our house,
carrying a giant sack.
In it are wonderful things, beautifully wrapped.
He puts them under the Christmas tree and flies away into the night.

Yeah Christmas time is near, …

Hallo dear Santa Claus.
I can’t wait for you to come!
The entire year I was a good girl (boy),
I hope you are proud of me!

At school I always paid attention,
and did my homework every time.
And was so kind to my parents,
I brought them lots of joy.

Hallo dear Santa Clause,
We can’t wait to see you!
We can’t sleep anymore,
We miss you!
Why don’t you come right now?
You are welcome to live with us.
Then it would be always Christmas,
This would be really profitable!

Yeah Christmas time is near, …


released December 20, 2016
Words & Music by Thomas Gunther. All rights reserved. Arranged, recorded and produced by Thomas Gunther. Featuring Nelia Janik on vocals.




Thomas Gunther Productions Chicago, Illinois

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